Indian Ocean-gruppen

Working group for mobilisation of small-scale fisheries and coastal communities in order to support them, primarily along the African coasts

The Indian Ocean is undergoing transition due to interacting effects of shrinking civic space and climate change, thereby causing political and social stress in the region. Our group, the Ocean Grabbing group, is working closely with CARES, a Mauritius-based organization, to support civic activities that strengthen regional civil society not only within Mauritius but also in the south-western Indian Ocean.

We are now in collaboration with CARES with a new project called “Reaching the Regions.” Activities such as School of ecology and the Indian Ocean Conference, are held yearly in Mauritius to strengthen the local network of activists. CARES also runs an alternative news media platform “The Rising Ocean” that is used for advocacy and political campaigns.

Our group supports CARES with the implementation of their project in Mauritius. We are now eager to improve our strategic work here in Denmark and welcome volunteers who would like to be involved on issues such as resource grabbing, ecological and climate crises and climate traps.

Active members: Astrid, Isabel, Katerina, Michael
Currently passive members: Federico, Alice, Jeppe

We would be very happy to welcome new members 🙂

If you are interested in hearing more about our work or want to join the group, write to us at with a little text about who you are and why you are interested in our work!