Feminist Agroecology Gruppen

The group consist of Jasmine, Anton, Jette, and Lea, but we would love more active members!

Our group collaborates with Rural Women’s Assembly (RWA), a network spanning eleven Southern African countries. RWA focuses on building feminism within the movement, advocating for food sovereignty, challenging corporate power, and holding state institutions accountable to food sovereignty and land movements. Most importantly they are led by female small-scale farmers, mobilizes rural communities across the SADC region for food, agriculture, seed patenting, GMO resistance, and climate justice.

We are currently in collaboration on the project Forward to Feminist Agroecology, which focuses on the training of feminist leaders on feminist agroecology to ensure resilience within small-scale farmer communities.

Our group supports RWA with the implementation of the project and we are eager to improve our strategic work here in Denmark and welcome volunteers who would like to be involved on issues such as food sovereignty, seed patenting, feminist agroecology, and climate justice.

If you are interested in hearing more about our work or want to join the group, write to us at info@globalaktion.dk or rwa@lists.afrika.dk with a little text about who you are and why you are interested in our work!