About Global Aktion

Global Aktion is a movement of activists who works for structural change to create a better world

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Global Aktion is a movement which is primarily run by active members distributed in a number of different working groups. The working groups is therefore the heart of the organisation.

The annual general assembly frames the strategy for the work of the organisation the coming year. It is the activists who takes the decisions of strategy and therefore take action in the work to be done. All members are welcome to participate and to take stand to be a member of the board. The Board is the directors of the organisation and have the responsibility towards the authorities. They are also responsible for the management, economy and employment in the organisation.

The Board produces, together with the activists, drafts for politicians and guidelines, which the activists also discuss and complete.

We have a diverse area of working groups among them are:

  • Groups who focus on project work in the Global South
  • Groups who focus on politics and campaigns
  • Groups who have responsibility of management, strategies and development of the work of the Organisation

Everyone who agrees on the visions and strategies of Global Aktion can be a member of the groups.

Normally the organisation consists of around 100 activists. The membership fee cover the general expenses of the organisation. Further more we seek funding for every other activity from funds, EU, DANIDA, trade unions and privates.