The Board

The Board in Global Aktion is chosen at the annual general assembly in which every member of the Organization can run for.

The Board has the responsibility of the economy of the Organization and decide the future of the Organization’s work. The work of the Board is therefore in brief to have the overview in a busy Organization.

The Board have 12 to 16 annual meetings. Every member of Global Aktion are welcome to participate.

The elected to the Board of April 2019 are:

Jonathan Nielsen, Chair Man of the Board

Carole Kouassi, Chair Woman of the Board.

Mikael Meldstad

Mikael is the treasurer of Global Aktion and has been an active member for 10 years. Member of the Political Committee and the South Africa Working Group

Malene Eilersen

Sofie Gry Fridal Hansen

Mads Christian Barbesgaard

Mads Barbesgaard has been an active member of Global Aktion since 2010. Since then he worked thoroughly about the neo-liberal globalisation, including the role of EU as global actor, trade- and investment policy, ressource grabbing and the fight for climate justice. In the Board Mads is in the political committee

Sabrah Møller

David Escudero

Dennis Fris Kuhlmann

Ina Nyrup Clausen