The Board

The Board in Global Aktion is chosen at the annual general assembly in which every member of the Organization can run for.

The Board has the responsibility of the economy of the Organization and decide the future of the Organization’s work. The work of the Board is therefore in brief to have the overview in a busy Organization.

The Board have 12 to 16 annual meetings. Every member of Global Aktion are welcome to participate.

The elected to the Board of June 2020 are:

Carole Kouassi Bjerregaard  

Ingvild T. Haukeland  

Marie Hagensen  

Line Riis Christiansen  

Ditlev Hersland   

Astrid Alexandersen  

Caroline Bjerglund Andersen  

Lærke Uhrenholt Jensen  

Mathilde Goldschmidt Andersen  

Eigil Johannisson  

Birgitte Ringgaard Diget (Chairman of the Board)

Ina Nyrup Clausen  

Marie Vahl Hansen  

Astrid Lund Larsen  

Mikael Meldstad  

Sofie Gry Fridal Hansen  

Freja Marie Hegelund  

Sabrah Møller  

Julie Rasmussen