The Policy

§ 1 Name:

The name of the Organization is Global Aktion – Humans and Environment before profit (Former Afrika Kontakt). Global Aktion is a nation wide organization with base in Copenhagen.

§ 2 Objective:

Global Aktion is a solidaritan movement which works democratic, non-violent and non-profit based towards securing universal human rights focusing on social- and economic rights.

ad. 1, Global Aktion main objective is to be a part of a joint fight with partners in the North and South for civic democratization of the political and economical structures, which in their current form creates injustice and inequality.

solidarity movement, which toghether with civil organizations and movements all over the world fight the global inequality. We will achieve this by:

1. Build a platform, which are driven by volunteers and activists and create the best possible organizational and psysical frames for activism, and
involve a broad range of activists in Denmark
2. Create an independent and sustainable economy
3. strenghten the political dimension, network and professionalism in our work and create a strong campaign-, political-, and lobby work in Denmark and globally.
4. Working on the development of our alliances and partners in the Sounth, fx. by focusing on linking local fights to a political and global connection and to share knowledge.

§ 3 Membership:
Members of Global Aktion include individuals, local and countrywide proffesional-,
cultural- and political organizations and civil movements in Denmark who support the objectives of Global Aktion.
Members of a local activist group who have paid the membership fee of that group is a member of Global Aktion equally.
local activist groups have to as a minimum attach the two main objectives and the strategy of Global Aktion. The main objectives have to
be reflected in their own local regulation.
A local activist group pays a fee decided by the general assembly.

ad. 1.
The ordinary membership fee of Global Aktion is decided by the general assembly by position of the Board.

ad. 2.
The Board may reject new members if they believe they will discourage the objective of the organization. Every rejection made by the board
may be reversed by the general assembly

ad. 3.
A member og local activist group may be excluded if they act against the objectives of Global Aktion in a way that may harm Global Aktion. The descision of exclusion is made by the Board.
The member will recieve a written invitation to particapate in this meeting with a right of speach. Exclusion is submitted by the first coming general assembly.

ad. 4.
if at least 4 members resided in a local area wish to do so, a local activist group may be created by initiative of these members.
Local activist groups have to use the name of Global Aktion as long as the local activist group share the same objective as Global Aktion
and the work they do is in all matter within the all time applied strategy of the work of Global Aktion.

§ 4 The general assembly:
ad. 1.
The General Assembly is the highest authority of Global Aktion
ad. 2.
The ordinary General Assembly is held annually ultimo April
ad. 3.
The ordinary General Assembly is set up by statement of agenda in Global Aktion’s electronic newsletter and website or in of Global Aktion’s published messages at least with a notice of 6 weeks.

ad. 4.
Suggestions of policy change have to be communicated to the Board 4 weeks in advance of the general assembly and have to be
announced to all members at latest 2 weeks before the General Assembly in Global Aktion’s electronic newsletter. Other suggestions have to be
submitted in written form at latest by the start of the General Assembly.
ad. 5.
All members have the right to vote and speach at the General Assembly
ad. 6.
All attendants have one vote. There is a possibility for every member to get a written procuration from another member.
ad. 7.
The voting is determined by the majority. The policy requires 2/3 majority of the given votes. Or general majority on the two hereafter following General Assemblies.