Working groups

South Africa Group

– Current project: CISU – Workers not Slaves – 499.704 DKK
– Strengthening union and working conditions of South African agricultural workers and their community
– Partner(s): TCOE and CSAAWU (Union)
– Strategic focus(es) according to GA strategy: Power & democracy,  resource grabbing, and global trade structures


– Current project: CISU – Fighting the gas rush in Mozambique  – 457.529 DKK
– Aims to challenge the impunity of the gas industry in the Cabo Delgado province
– Partner(s): JA! Justica Ambiental – Friends of the Earth Mozambique
– Strategic focus(es): Power & democracy, resource grabbing, global trade structures and climate justice

Climate Group

– Current project: CISU – Pathway to Climate Justice – 3.368.765 DKK
– Capacity strengthening of La Via Campesina as a social movement in its efforts to attain the just representation of indigenous peoples, rural communities and smallholders in the face of climate change
– Partner(s): ZIMZOFF, LVC
– Strategic focus(es): Climate justice

Ocean Grabbing Group

– Current project: CISU – Putting the “O” in environmental injustice – 478.288 DKK
– Strengthening the Mauritius based CARES’ work with vulnerable coastal communities, and supporting two complimentary events: The 4th School of Ecology and the first Indian Ocean Conference
– Partner(s): CARES Mauritius
– Strategic focus(es): Climate justice

Mozambique Group

– Current project: CISU – Dziwani II – 1.567.021 DKK
– Aims to mobilise local communities in Tete and educate them on their rights in regards to transnational corporations natural resource exploitation
– Partner(s): AAAJC
– Strategic focus(es): Power & democracy, resourcegrabbing and global trade structures

Zimbabwe Group / “The Institute Group”

– Current project: CISU – United Against Patriarchy – 1.400.000 DKK
– Strengthening IYWD, a democratic, feminist women’s movement working for women’s rights and against the patriarchy in Zimbabwe
– Partner(s): Institute For Young Women’s Development, IYWD
– Strategic focus(es): Power & democracy

Swaziland Group

– Current project(s): CISU – Push for a People’s Government – 1.406.230 DKK
– Fighting against the regime in Swaziland, working towards democratic structures
– Partner(s): Swaziland United Democratic Front, SUDF
– Strategic focus(es): Power & democracy

Development for Whom? Group

– Current project: None currently
– Campaign group working on highlighting the skewed discourse of developmental work and investments, both in a Danish context and in the Global South.
– Partner(s) with: AIDC and TCOE in South Africa
– Strategic focus(es): Power & democracy, resource grabbing, global trade structures, climate justice

Western Sahara Group

– Current project: None currently
– Aims to spread awareness and information on Africa’s last colony, Western Sahara. Lobbying in Denmark and internationally.
– Partner(s): Western Sahara Resource Watch, WRSW

– The group focus on spreading awareness and information on Africa’s last colony, Western Sahara.
– Strategic focus(es): Power & democracy and resource grabbing

The Labor Action group

– The group focus on working conditions in the global tactile industry.
– This is a campaign group.

Trade Group / Solidarisk Handel (Ethical trade)

– Current project: GF (Global Fokus) – Global Handel – 400.000 DKK
– A resource and educating group, focusing on trade and working against free trade, impunity of transnational corporations and alternatives.
– Partner(s): Makes up “Netværk For Solidarisk Handel”/Network for Trade Justice with the organisations: Mellemamerika Komitteen, COLSOL and NOAH
– Strategic focus(es): Global trade structures

The Secretariat

– Consists of the employees, Interns and others who are daily in Global Aktion.

The debt group
About international debt affecting the global south.
Campaign group

Arms trade
Group to look at global arms stock
Under construction

Against the trade agreement between the EU and Latin America
Under construction

Danish agriculture on the global stage
The Saansk agricultural lobby and how they influence policies.
Under construction