Build Social Justice

Countries: Swaziland 

Partners: Swaziland United Democratic Front (SUDF), Swaziland’s Association of Victims and Survivors (SWAVISA) and The International Labour Research and Information Group (ILRIG)

Allocated amount: DKK 3.999.969 

Project start: 01/01/2024 Project end: 31/12/2025

This intervention is to create a foundation for the emergence of a Social Justice movement within local communities and CSOs in Swaziland in a joint campaign focusing on Health Education and Food. 

There will be 6 activist schools (1 pilot 25 & 40 people x 6 schools = 265 participants) and three creative schools for 25 people in each. 

Approx. 1,5 months after the activist school there will be a follow-up weekend for exchange experiences & support. 

The activist schools will equip a total of 88 local community teams of 3 organisers pr team in each local community. The 88 local community teams will conduct community scopings. Their added value will be to leverage off these local community networks and mobilise for socio-economic rights focusing on education health & food sovereignty this will be done in collaboration with the CBOs in 88 communities. A broad national campaign will be constructed to bring social justice issues into the political agenda. The 88 local communities will have approx. 300,000 people to be affected by the project. 

From the inception of the project, a strong international solidarity platform will be built to support the Swazi call for social justice. 

Development objective:

Establish the foundation and basis for the emergence of an organic nationwide social justice movement rooted in the communities

Immediate objectives:

The intervention builds on three immediate objectives: 

1: Establish the foundation for a community-based social justice movement; mobilising and organising at a local level strengthening the resilience of local communities. 

2: The local organising momentum from the local campaigns are consolidated into a national social justice campaign on socio-economic issues regarding food, health and education. Spearheaded by both communities and civil society. 

3: Creating international support for the national campaign thus supporting the social justice agenda in Swaziland

Target groups:

1.The participants in the activist schools. 2. The local communities and the local organisations participating in the activities. 3. The SUDF and affiliate SWAVISA. 4. The broader civil society and political parties

This project is organized by Swazilandgruppen