Tribute to Mario Masuku Family and PUDEMO

We, the employees and activists at Global Aktion, wish to extend our most sincere condolences upon learning of the untimely passing of former Pudemo-leader, Mario Masuku. 

Mario has fought selflessly for democracy in Swaziland for decades, even though he paid a high price for his involvement, and even though he unfortunately never got to see the fruits of his decades-long endeavors.

He was manhandled and imprisoned by King Mswati’s regime on several occasions, amongst other things on charges of terrorism for shouting “Viva Pudemo” at a union rally, and was subsequently released into what he referred to as “the big prison that is Swaziland”.

Hundreds of unions, parties, politicians and individuals from all over the world had signed a petition to demand his release.

He was able to command a crowd as well as connect the various factions of the Swazi democratic movement. And he always reacted with calm humility and respect, no matter the treatment that was bestowed upon him by the regime.

Mario visited Denmark on several occasions, where he, among others things, witnessed the Danish municipal elections and was invited to the Danish parliament by the speaker of the Danish parliament, Mogens Lykketoft.

And those of us who met him and know him, saw him as a wise, knowledgeable and level-headed leader, who was always willing to both share his wisdom with and learn from his friends in Denmark.

The best way we can honour Mario Masuku is to continue the struggle for democracy and justice in Swaziland, and elsewhere, that he stood for. And thus ensure that the vision that he fought for on behalf of his fellow Swazis will not have been in vain.

Thank you for the struggle, you will be missed.  We promise to honor your memory and continue your fight for peace, decency, democracy and justice for all.

Goodbye, to our friend and comrade, Mario Masuku.

Amandla! Awethu!