Wakashio oil spill

Justice for the ocean, nature and people of Mauritius

Justice in the Wakashio Oil spill disaster in Mauritius. Whose responsibility is it?  

The past few weeks we have seen the destruction of Blue Bay Marine Park and surrounding pristine beaches, the death of more than 50 dolphins and whales in Mauritius, and now we are seeing that the Mauritian government and the ship owners want a quick and easy solution. But no! More needs to be done! 

Help our Mauritian friends get justice on the destruction of their pristine ocean environment and threat to biodiversity with long lasting consequences for the people of Mauritius. 

Help Global Aktion’s partner CARES hold the Mauritian government accountable, to increase the regulation and preparedness for the next Wakashio disaster. 

Help CARES in their legal battle for environmental reparations by donating here via MobilePay or bank transfer – every bit helps!


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