Introduction to become an activist in Global Aktion at four new projects

Hvornår: 3. oktober 2023 | 17:00 til 19:00
Hvor: Wesselsgade 2, st. – indgang på hjørnet 2200 København N
We are looking for new active members who can help to start up four new partnerships in South Africa and Kenya.This means that you have the chance to get involved in the start up process with one of four partners. You will be part of a work group that engages in a collaboration between Global Aktion and the partner in the Global south. In this process you will have the chance to gain valuable competencies with project management, marketing, founding and collaboration skills. You will get direct contact with one of our partners in the Global south, whom you will be responsible to collaborate with.
Dinner will be provided 🙂
If you unable to participate on this date, but wish to join or hear more, please send an e-mail to