Wednesday Debate

Housing Makes the Rich Richer- The Global Housing Crisis

Hvornår: 22. februar 2023 | 19:00 til 21:00
Hvor: Wesselsgade 2, 2200 KBH N
Housing is no longer a right but a privilege. Housing is now a means for the rich to become richer and housing speculation is destroying healthy and diverse cities. We see an increase in gentrification of the city. Ghettoization is used to drive poor people to slum quarters and to increase the speed of gentrification. Housing and racism and classism is linked more than ever.
We see it in Copenhagen. Kereby is taking over the city, public housing is torn down and the Ghetto law is discriminating and driving racialized people out of the city.
In Berlin the gentrification is running wild and decade-old squats are evicted left and right. But the renters are also organizing in a new and bigger way than ever before.
In Cape Town the housing inequality is striking. The city has become a profit machine for the rich.
We are gathering three housing activists from Copenhagen, Berlin and Cape Town to discuss the shared problems and reflections on the global housing crisis. What are the strategies we can use in the fight for dignified housing? How do we stand in solidarity with each other and what inspiration can we draw on?
Join us for an interesting debate evening at Global Aktion!
This evening is part of a series of Wednesdays in Global Aktion where we create debates, discussions and political schooling for activists, leftists, anti-capitalistist and much more.
We have two evenings on the housing crisis. The 22. February is on the global housing crisis and the 22. in March we are diving into the housing crisis in Denmark and Copenhagen especially.
The event is free and beer and soda will be available for solidarity prises