Creating access to democracy and political rights for youth in Zimbabwe

Land: Zimbabwe

Partner: Youth Forum (YF)

Bevilliget beløb: kr. 54,488.00

Projekt start: 2/1/2011 Projekt slut: 2/28/2011 (Afsluttet)

Synthesis of subjects to be clarified as part of the appraisal:

1. Deciding between the models for a democratic structure, based on discussions of benefits and drawbacks and the input of the end beneficiaries

2. Dividing the project into stand-alone phases

3. Clarifying how Youth Forum’s accountability and decision-making structures would work in the transition period between the current and the envisioned institutional structure

4. Setting up workable risk management systems to permit the implementation of the project in a fragile political environment and to ensure that the project does not negatively affect the end beneficiaries

5. Developing strategies for information sharing between Africa Contact and Youth Forum

6. Discussing the possible inclusion of a small-scale baseline for documentation and lessons learnt

7. Finalizing the budget on this basis